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National Centres of Excellence


In its endeavour to train athletes to achieve excellence in Olympics and other International Events, Sports Authority of India has established National Centres of Excellence (NCOEs) across the country to impart specialized training to promising athletes by providing state of the art infrastructure and playing facilities, sports science backup, individualized diet prescribed by trained nutritionists and overall supervision under the best coaches, qualified support staff and High Performance Directors.

National Centres of Excellence operate as regular coaching camps for the best available talent in India and provide concurrent layers of prospective sports persons, giving a wider choice of talent and continuity for selection to National Teams and provide alternative second and third options too. NCoE is capable of accommodating elite to development athletes.

our 6 Pillars

  • Athlete
  • Coach
  • Sports Science Support
  • High Quality Field of Play
  • World Class Infrastructure
  • Diet as per requirement


Disciplines covered by NCOEs

NCOEs cover 23 focused/priority disciplines where Indian athletes are performing well and have chances to win medals in the International Events/Championships/Games, availability of FOP, existing athletes, local talent etc.

Focused sports discipline : Archery, Athletics, Boxing, Cycling, Fencing, Football, Gymnastic, Hockey, Handball, Judo, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Kayaking & Canaoieng, Power Lifting, Rowing, Shooting, Swimming, Taekwondo, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Weightlifting, Wrestling, Wushu

Trained and Skilled Manpower

NCOEs are providing the best training environment and coaching to the athletes training at NCOEs. To provide best training to the athletes, apart from qualified SAI Coaches, reputed and experienced coaches are being hired or taken on deputation from other departments. Coaching division is looking after the Hiring/Selection/Transfer/ of the coaches in all the NCOEs.

In order to evaluate/support the performance of young athletes, the scientific experts in the specialised field of Sports Anthropometry, Exercise physiology, Strength & Conditioning, bio- mechanics, Sport Psychology, Sports Medicine, Physio-therapy etc. are being hired at each NCOEs.

To ensure smooth functioning of NCOEs, adequate administrative staff has been posted in the each NCOE.

Adjacent specialized mess staffs have been engaged to look after the effective functioning of mess to provide quality food as per requirement of each athlete on a day to day basis.

As regard to scientific back up at NCOEs, the specialized equipment required for evaluating/ enhancing performance of young athletes are being made available in the NCOEs. The latest scientific equipment has been/ is being procured in the NCOEs. The total cost for setting up scientific facilities across NCOEs is Rs. 80.00 Crores in the following departments are being set up in NCOEs:

  1. Anthropometry
  2. Biometry
  3. Biomechanics
  4. Nutrition
  5. Performance analysis
  6. Physiology
  7. Physiotherapy
  8. Psychology
  9. Strength and Conditioning

Disciplines Covered in each ncoe

Name of the centre Disciplines
Allepey Rowing, Kayaking & Canoeing
Thiruvananthapuram Athletics, Cycling, Football(B),Fencing(G), Taekwondo & Volleyball
Aurangabad Boxing, Fencing, Gymnastic, Hockey(G) & Weightlifting
Mumbai Hockey, Kabaddi & Wrestling
Bengaluru Athletics, Hockey, Weightlifting, Taekwondo
Bhopal Athletics, Boxing, Hockey, Judo & Wushu & Kayaking & caneoing
Chandigarh Regional Centre under construction, to be decided later
Dharamshala Athletics (G), Kabaddi(G) ,Vollyball (G)
Guwahati Archery, Athletics, Boxing, Cycling, Fencing, Football(B) & Taekwondo
Gandhinagar Athletics (Para), Handball, Kabaddi, Power lifting(Para) ,Swimming (Para) ,Kho-Kho & Table Tennis
Imphal Archery, Athletics, Cycling, Fencing, Football, Hockey, Weightlifting & Wushu, Judo
Itanagar Boxing, Weightlifting & Wushu
Jagatpur Rowing, Kayaking & Canoeing
Kolkata Archery, Athletics, Gymnastic, Hockey(G) & Table Tennis
Lucknow Athletics, Hockey, Taekwondo, Weightlifting & Wrestling(G)
Patiala Athletics, Cycling, Fencing, Hockey(G), Judo & Weightlifting
Rohtak Boxing
Sonepat Archery, Athletics, Hockey, Kabaddi & Wrestling
J.N Stadium New Delhi
IG Stadium New Delhi Cycling & Gymnastic
Dr S.P.M.S.P.C New Delhi Swimming
M.D.C.N.S. New Delhi Hockey
Dr. KSSR, New Delhi Shooting

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