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Sports Authority of India

Budget And Finance

Sports Authority of India is a Registered Society fully funded by Government of India and is under the Administrative control of Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports. SAI is legislated by set of rules enshrined in the Memorandum of Association & Rules as well as the Financial ByeLaws. Government of India provides funds to SAI for implementing the Sports Promotional Schemes of SAI throughout in the country through its Regional Centres and Academic Institutes

The Executive Director (Finance) is the Financial Advisor of Sports Authority of India(SAI) who deals with maintenance of Accounts of Sports Authority of India (SAI), preparation of Budget, Internal audit and matters related to Financial Advice. Executive Director (Finance) is also the Member- Secretary of the Finance Committee of SAI. Finance Committee is a sub-committee of the Governing Body and the proposals having financial implications beyond the delegated powers of the Director General are placed before it for concurrence. The Finance Committee is headed by the Secretary (Sports), Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports.

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