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Composition of the Council

COMPOSITION OF THE COUNCIL: Following will be the composition of the Council:

  1. President (in the rank of Minister of State)
  2. 4 Member of Parliament (preferably having sorts background)- to be nominated in consultation with the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs
  3. President/ Secretary General, Indian Olympic Association – EX- Officio
  4. 2 President/ Secretary Generals of National Sports Federations
  5. 4 Former Eminent sports persons of different sports disciplines
  6. 2 eminent Coaches of different sports disciplines
  7. 3 Sports Experts (viz. Experts in sports Law, sports Science, Sports Medicine, Skill Development in Sports, Sports Journalism, etc.
  8. 1 Sports Administrator  ( having experience of managing sports academies, sports promotion boards, sports institutes, professors/ Head of Departments of Physical Education of Universities and Sports Universities and Colleges of Physical Education)
  9. 1 Representative of corporate bodies and industry chambers
  10. 1 representative of non-governmental organizations engaged in sports for development and peace
  11. 2 Secretaries of sports Departments  of State Governments --- Ex- Officio (on rotation basis)
  12. Secretary, Department of Sports, Government of India ---Ex- Officio
  13. Director General, Sports Authority of India---Ex –Officio
  14. Director General, National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) ---Ex—Officio
  15. Vice Chancellor, Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education (LNIPE) --EX- Officio
  16. Joint Secretary, Department of Sports ---EX Officio
  17. Secretary, Sports Authority of India --Ex – Officio


Appointments of the President and members of the Council other than ex-officio members shall be made by the Government.


The Council will be an advisory body. While the advice rendered by the Council will be duly considered by the Government, it will not be binding and obligatory on the government. The Council may organize national, international conferences, seminars, symposia etc , for promotion of sports and games in the country.


(i)    WHERE THE PERSON BECOMES A MEBER OF THE Council by virtue of his office or appointment which he/she holds, his/her membership of the Council shall terminate when he/she ceases to hold that office or appointment.
(ii)    Members of the Council nominated from amongst the members of both Houses of Parliament shall cease to be members of the Council nominated from amongst the members of both Houses of Parliament shall cease to be members of the Council on dissolution of the House or on expiry of their term or on ceasing to be members of the House, whichever is earlier.


        The term of all members except ex-officio shall be three years provided that the government may terminate tenure of any member before completion of the said term and fill-up the resultant vacancy with any other person.


The membership of the Council shall terminate in the event of any of following:

(i)    On expiry of the period of membership for which nominated.
(ii)    Death, Resignation, Insolvency, Lunacy, Conviction in criminal offences involving moral turpitude.
(iii)    When a member himself/herself declines to serve the Council of his/her employer refuses to grant him/ her permission to serve the Council.
(iv)    When a member does not attend three consecutive meetings of the council without proper leave of the Chairperson.


When a member desires to resign his / her membership of the Council, he/ she shall forward his/her letter of resignation to the Secretary, Department of Sports, who shall submit the same for consideration of the Chairperson of Council. The resignation shall take effect from the date of its acceptance by the Chairperson of the Council.


THE Council may meet from time to time, at least once in a quarter, and deliberate on matters relating to the promotion and development of sports and games in the country.


(I)    The members will be provided TA/DA, as per extant government rules, applicable to non- Official members, for attending the meetings of the Council for the days of its meetings.
(II)    Members of Parliament serving on the Council will be entitled to get TA/DA for attending meetings of the Council in accordance with the provisions of the Salary, Allowances and Pension of Members of Parliament Act, 1954, as amended from time to time and the rules made thereunder.
(III)    The expenditure on TA/DA of the members of the Council and convening of the meetings of the Council will be borne by the Sports Authority of India.


Necessary secretarial assistance will be provided to the Council by the Sports Authority of India (SAI) for its functioning.


The Government will be empowered to wind up the Council in case it is deemed necessary. In such an even, the members will have no legal right to continue thereafter.

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