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महानिदेशक का संदेश

The year 1982 was significant in the history of sports in India. In that year, India organized the Asian Games on a big scale for the first time. This was the time when a growing need was felt to setup a body to promote sporting culture across the country which results in creation of   SAI  in 1984.Right from the beginning, SAI has achieved many milestones creating  excellence in  sports.

It gives me immense pleasure in sharing the growth chart of SAI in the  past 30 years. Starting just as custodian of 5 stadia in Delhi,  today we have  11 sprawling  Regional Centers equipped with sports equipment of international standards to train the athletes in various disciplines. Regional centres are located in such a way that they cater to maximum landscape of India in the best possible manner. Every Regional centre has within its remit STCs/SAGs to nurture  talent at an early age aimed at transforming budding  players into proud sportspersons of India.  

SAI is committed to provide the best training to athletes .To realize this goal well trained and certified Coaches are engaged on regular basis. The coaches themselves are regularly trained and are being offered international exposure to give them competitive edge.  I am sure, the recent recruitment of young 174 coaches in various sporting discipline shall definitely help us in grooming and nurturing the young talents into  future champions.  SAI is also engages  foreign coaches so that athletes are benefitted to the most.

Our two academic institutions namely NSNIS, Patiala and LNCPE, Trivandrum are vigorously involved not only in   imparting sports education but also promoting sports culture across the country.  Students from abroad  also engage themselves for their research and thesis in various disciplines at these centres. In this context, SAI has taken another significant step to develop various Sports Academies. These academies are being developed to identify students with outstanding abilities and place them in an environment designed to produce sporting excellence. So far, four disciplines have been identified viz. Football, Cycling, Swimming and shooting.SAI has already launched its first ever Sports Academy in Cycling discipline (SAINCA) at Indira Gandhi Stadium complex Delhi.

With a focus to augment the medal tally and increased participation of Athletes at International events and world Championships,  specialized camps are being organized for  elite athletes at various regional centres.

Needless to say that the  sports  is an important component of socio-economic development of a country. Active participation in sports improves community health and productivity, reduces medical expenses, imbibes discipline in character and enhances social cohesion.   Towards this end, we started “Come and Play“ Scheme with an objective of increased participation in sports. To further realize this dream SAI has recently  launched an ambitious “Community Connect” scheme .

I am sure the new website will bring new vigor and with its extensive coverage will keep all informed with all the updates about the sports.


With Best Wishes!!

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